Simple Resources to Share the Love of Jesus in Any Language

Simple Resources to Share Jesus’ Love in Any Language

By Alison Zeller

Jesús te ama.

Jesus älskar dig.

e alofa Iesu ia te oe.

Jesus loves you!

Which of those four sentences could you read? Unless you know Spanish, Swedish, or Samoan, you can understand only the last sentence. So, if you want to share the love of Jesus with people who speak another language, what do you do?

Most missionaries face a language barrier when they travel overseas. They may learn a few phrases of the foreign language and the native people may know a bit of English, but beyond that, it is often difficult to explain the Gospel message. That was the case for CTA customer Jennifer Smith and four other Americans as they traveled to Samoa for a weeklong mission trip in 2016.

As part of their mission work, Jennifer’s group hosted a three-day VBS program for nearly 120 Samoan children. She found CTA’s children’s ministry resources to be extremely helpful in crossing the language barrier.

“We needed to provide just about everything for the VBS,” she said. “We brought puppets, craft supplies, games and activities, snacks, prizes, and awards with us to Samoa. The CTA products were wonderful for this. I was able to order several items and the price was so affordable!”

During VBS, Jennifer saw that the children liked CTA’s Gospel Story by Colors nylon flying discs the most. This outreach tool is simple and fun - the colors of the disc explain the Gospel story.  

“The discs are good quality with nice colors,” said Jennifer. “We had a really good time with them! Plus, they helped us reinforce the wordless Bible lesson.”

Jennifer hopes to take another mission trip soon. “I have been to Samoa only once, but I do hope to visit a different country yearly or every other year,” she said. “I will certainly look to CTA again for good quality products that are affordable. They represent our ministry well and I’m pleased to hand them out.”

If you’re looking for simple and affordable children’s ministry resources for your summer mission trip, visit the CTA website today! Don’t forget - the Resource & Idea Center features FREE resources to use with all of CTA’s children’s ministry themes. Look for coloring pages, Ministry Messages, event outlines, and much more!

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