Tips for Lent, Easter, Mother's Day & National Day of Prayer


By Gail Marsh

Lent/Easter Preparation

  • Make this year’s Lenten experience more meaningful to the youth in your congregation. Check out CTA’s Living for Himproduct line. Plan to use the youth prayer journal to jump-start your weekly youth discussions. Also consider hosting a special youth retreat. Download CTA’s FREE event guide for activity and conversation starters, as well as social media ideas for your youth group.
  • Send a special message of resurrection hope to families who have lost loved ones over the past several months. Consider sending a heartfelt note, a sympathy card, or CTA’s Grieving with Hope booklet.
  • Add to your Resurrection Day preparation with an intergenerational project day. Invite all ages and set out supplies for making a new Easter banner for your church sanctuary (a few ideas) or Resurrection gardens for your children’s Sunday school classes (a sample). Assign a few participants to transplant small nursery-grown flowers into large pots for your church entry. Others can help refresh the church building with spring cleaning and organizing.

Easter (April 16)

  • CTA has everything you’ll need for a successful community Easter celebration. The Sing and Shout theme will appeal to children of all ages. Check out the amazing value pack and the outreach sticker book. Plus, look for the FREE event outline. Be sure to order custom t-shirts for your adult volunteers to wear at the event and before the event for extra publicity.
  • Take your Resurrection celebration on the road this year! Could you rent tables at the local mall or set up your event in a local park? Maybe your event might travel (via van) to impoverished neighborhoods in your city. Fill the van with Spring to Life with Jesus gifts and hand them out to children as you drive down the neighborhood streets.
  • Invite families to join in decorating the church for Easter this year. With adult supervision, even young children can help set lilies in place, string white mini lights on the altar, or assist in hanging white crepe paper and other decorations. After decorating the church, invite everyone to an Easter egg party where participants will decorate hard-boiled eggs with Easter egg dyes, Christian stickers, and more.

 National Day of Prayer (May 4)

  • Have you visited the National Day of Prayer website? You can post your event or use the site to find a local event. If you’re not hosting, consider providing transportation from your church to the prayer gathering.
  • Will a local grocery store partner with your church? Ask for donations of brown grocery bags. Let children decorate the bags for the National Day of Prayer. Return the decorated bags to the stores to be used on May 4.
  • To emphasize personal prayer life, give the women in your Bible study one of CTA’s Bouquet of Blessings prayer journal and pen gift sets.

Mother’s Day (May 14)

  • This year, CTA offers two new themes for Mother’s Day: Reflections: The Woman God Sees and Woman of God®: Living Loved. Both themes include newly designed gifts for the women in your church. Check them out today!
  • Surprise the women in your weekly Bible study with a Woman of God®: Living Loved tote bag. It’s perfect for carrying a Bible or tablet to class.
  • Treat the women of your church and help your local economy all at the same time. How? Invite local business people to offer skills or services at a reduced rate (for example, beauticians, massage therapists, clothing- or jewelry-boutique owners). Also consider carpenters, landscape workers, car detailers, and the like. Encourage families to treat their favorite mom, aunt, Sunday school teacher, church secretary, and other Mother’s Day honoree.
  • Plan ahead! Order now and send special Mother’s Day gift boxes to military women who are currently deployed. Include their favorite candy bars, hand lotion, letters and drawings from their children, and Woman of God®: Living Loved devotion books. Pray that your gift boxes will give encouragement to the women who are unable to be with their families this year.


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