One Book, Five Ways to Grow Faith after Easter

One Book, Five Ways to Grow Faith after Easter

By Alison Zeller

In a few short weeks, Christians across the country will begin their Easter celebrations. Holy Week prayer services, Easter egg hunts, Easter breakfasts, Resurrection Day worship services, and more. How is your ministry going to celebrate our Savior’s resurrection?
That question was probably easy to answer. Now, here’s a hard one: how will you help worshippers grow in faith after the Easter celebrations are over?
Every Christian is on a faith journey. For most, Easter feels like reaching the mountaintop of that journey. “Alleluia! Jesus is risen!” we shout. After all of that joy and excitement, the days that follow can feel like a letdown. We walk back down the mountain and into the trenches of everyday life. Yes, Jesus is still our Savior, but our faith isn’t swelling anymore. 
CTA has just released a discipleship book to bring Christians back to that Easter excitement: Who Is Jesus for Me? Written by veteran Christian author Jane L. Fryar, the book takes readers through a deeply personal study of the names of Jesus. It’s filled with impactful Scripture, history, and thought starters that will challenge Christians to really get to know their Savior. It’s the perfect way to dive back into the Word after Easter!
Think about how your ministry might use Who Is Jesus for Me? after the Easter season. Are there people who want a deeper connection to Jesus? Do you know new Christians who are struggling to grasp the amazing attributes of our risen Savior? Consider these people and others who are looking to grow up in their salvation. Here are five ideas for your church:

  • Use the book as a visitor gift at your Holy Week and Easter worship services.
  • Give a copy of the book to each church member for personal study and begin a corresponding sermon series on the names of Jesus.
  • Place one book at each place setting during your Easter breakfast and invite families to take the books home to use for family devotions.
  • Include the book in adult goodie bags for your Easter egg hunt.
  • Use the book to jump-start a post-Easter Bible study.

We pray that your worshippers will joyfully proclaim Jesus’ Resurrection victory on Easter and open this book soon after to grow in their faith, loving him more deeply every step of the way.
CTA is proud to offer several additional Bible-based resources for you to use this Easter season. Visit to find more gifts for children and adults. And don’t forget to browse through the Resource & Idea Center at!
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