Grab Their Attention This Easter!
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Grab Their Attention This Easter!


Grab Tweens’ Attention This Easter!

By Alison Zeller

Grabbing the attention of tweens isn’t easy. Distractions are everywhere. Their days are filled to the brim with school, friends, and extracurricular activities. Where does Jesus fit in?

Many Christian leaders and teachers turn to CTA for help. And they’ve found a resource that really works - CTA’s activity books.

CTA offers nearly 30 different activity books and each one is specially crafted to appeal to children ages 7 to 11. They feature 16 pages of Jesus-centered content presented in tween-friendly activities, games, and studies.

A handful of customers have already placed their orders for Easter activity books and here’s what they have to say.

Christine in Tellico Plains, Tennessee, ordered the Celebrate God’s Greatest Surprise Activity Book. “I use CTA activity books for many holidays,” said Christine. “My Sunday School kids are ages 8 and 9. They love the challenge that these booklets give them. We, the teachers, love them because they keep the message alive for weeks and years.”

After handing out CTA’s Christmas activity books this winter, Shelley at Brentwood Baptist Church near Nashville, Tennessee, plans to use activity books this Easter, too. “I purchased 100 of the Spring to Life with Jesus Activity Books after purchasing the ones for Christmas because I found them to be an excellent way for this age group to read and understand the Bible stories,” said Shelley. “I plan to share them with different churches and ministries, too.”

Pastor Hall of the Beulah First Church of God in Eubank, Kentucky, sums up why he turns to CTA for Easter resources for tweens: “The products are very inexpensive and well worth the cost to be able to share the Gospel with the children and their families!”

Don’t forget - CTA is offering two new Easter activity books this season. Look for the books in the A Love That Never Dies and Sing and Shout! Jesus Lives! themes. Both are available now on the CTA website or by calling customer service at 1-800-999-1874.


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