3 New Ways to Send Home the Easter Message
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3 New Ways to Send Home the Easter Message

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3 New Ways to Send Home the Easter Message

By Alison Zeller

One of the many incredible traits of God is that he is changeless. No matter our life’s circumstances, no matter our world’s troubles, he is always the same - all-powerful, overflowing with wisdom, and always ready to forgive us in Jesus’ name. Hebrews 1:12 (ESV) says this: “You [God] are the same, and your years will have no end.” What a triumphant proclamation!

Even though God never changes, our strategies for children’s ministries must evolve. Children’s ministers, Sunday school teachers, and even parents are often on the lookout for Christian resources that tell the Gospel story in new and interesting ways. How can we engage the kids with God’s Word? How can we capture their hearts with Jesus’ love?

In the next few months, the main question on the minds of children’s ministry leaders will be “How can we most effectively send home the Easter message?” At CTA, we’re always here to help our customers share Jesus’ Message in an impactful way. Here are three ways to do that this Easter season.

  1. Prepare Little Hearts for Big Love

Don’t wait until Resurrection Sunday to tell kids about the great love Jesus showed us by dying on the cross and rising from the tomb! Use CTA’s brand-new Sing and Shout! Jesus Lives! Count-Up-to-Easter Activity Card to reinforce the Easter message throughout the six weeks before Easter.

The card measures 8-½ inches by 11 inches and comes with a colorful sheet of stickers. The back of the card lists 40 kid-friendly activities like helping a sibling, praying for someone who is sick, and doing something kind for a teacher. After the children complete the activity for the day, they remove a sticker and place it on the front of the card, which is creatively illustrated to resemble a path to Easter’s empty tomb.

  1. Ditch the Candy

Most kids will attend more than one egg hunt this Easter season. The vast majority of these Easter egg hunts will offer the same goodies - brightly colored eggs with candy inside. While this traditional Easter treat is fun and yummy, it doesn’t make a lasting impact. Much like at Halloween, the candy is eaten, the wrappers are discarded, and nothing is left - except a bellyache!

For a meaningful Easter giveaway, look to CTA’s brand-new theme Simon and the First Easter. CTA is offering two Jumbo Gospel Easter Eggs® - they’re each three inches tall. Inside the eggs, you’ll find a 16-page mini book that tells the traditional biblical account of the first Easter though the eyes of Simon, a little boy who may have lived during that time. If you choose the green egg, there will also be a cross inside. If you choose the yellow egg, there will be a bracelet inside. Each egg features the theme verse, John 11:25. Both take-home gifts are sure to last much longer than the Easter candy!

  1. Put the Message to Music

Music expert Chris Brewer reports that “students of all ages . . . generally find that music helps them focus more clearly on the task at hand and puts them in a better mood for learning.” Sounds like the ideal situation for your Sunday school or children’s church, right?

CTA’s new Easter theme Sing and Shout! Jesus Lives! uses music in a big way. The softcover book encourages singing, cheers, and even an age-appropriate Resurrection Sunday rap. To build even more musical excitement, you can order maracas for your students and teach them the free rhythm chants that come with your order. And, don’t forget to download CTA’s FREE event outline and Ministry Message for the Sing and Shout! Jesus Lives! theme. Both of these resources use cheering, singing, and maracas.

CTA is proud to offer Bible-based resources to help you send home the Easter message. Visit www.ctainc.com/Easter to find more gifts for children and adults. And, don’t forget to browse through the Resource & Idea Center at www.ctainc.com/FREE. Easter bulletins, invitations, Ministry Messages, and sermon outlines are available for immediate download - at no cost!


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