Ornaments of Faith - The Tradition Continues
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Ornaments of Faith - The Tradition Continues


Ornaments of Faith®: The Tradition Continues

By Alison Zeller

CTA introduced the first Ornaments of Faith® in 1999 and customers immediately fell in love. Since then, the ornaments’ themes have changed from year to year, but the beautiful artwork, high-quality pewter-finished construction, and Christian meaning always remain.

This year, CTA is adding three new Ornaments of Faith®:

  • To God Be the Glory–an ornament in the shape of a Christmas tree made of musical staffs
  • O Holy Night–a tree-shaped ornament that depicts the night of Jesus' birth
  • Immanuel–an oval-shaped ornament with red accents that features the Holy Family and the words of Matthew 1:23

Christmas is more than a month away, but customer orders are already pouring in! Many of you are continuing a tradition of giving Ornaments of Faith® as Christmas presents every year.
Vickie in Kansas City ordered the Come to Bethlehem and See Ornament of Faith® last year. This ornament has blue accents, which Vickie really enjoys. “The Ornaments of Faith are such great quality, detailed, beautiful, and reasonably priced,” said Vickie. “I have given these as volunteer gifts for over seven years and everyone looks forward to receiving them.”

Some of the members of Ted Bown’s adult Sunday school class in Canton, Pennsylvania,
have more than 12 Ornaments of Faith® hanging on their trees. “I’ve been giving the Ornaments of Faith as a Christmas gift to the class members for many years,” said Ted. “I really appreciate the sincere, faith-based, Christmas message that radiates from each ornament. I know the members of the class appreciate them, as well, because many have a special place on their Christmas trees to display the Ornaments of Faith® that they have received over the years.”

Lunnett Hilliard of Bangor, Maine, also has the tradition of handing out Ornaments of Faith® each Christmas. “Each year my husband and I give each family member a new ornament,” said Lunnett. “They have come to appreciate the ornaments and they look forward to seeing what part of the Christmas story will be highlighted each year. While some of the recipients will add the ornaments to their own Christmas trees, others will adorn wreaths and still others will simply hang them in their windows.”

This year, CTA is also releasing two porcelain ornaments in a brand-new theme: Ornaments of Hope™. Look for the Names of Jesus and Nativity Tree ornaments in CTA’s Christmas catalog or at www.CTAinc.com.

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