3 Ways to Honor Military Members This November

By Alison Zeller

Since 1938, the United States of America has set aside November 11 as a day to celebrate, recognize, and remember our veterans. This year, Veterans Day falls on a Saturday, but many churches will use the following day’s worship services to thank service members and our heavenly Father for protecting us in our communities and nation.

Every year, CTA customers send in rave reviews about our patriotic products. Each gift is Bible-based and many feature Psalm 33:12. The gifts are simple, but extremely meaningful - perfect for servicemen and servicewomen who are often modest about their great service to our country.

Many churches use CTA’s patriotic products as part of a special worship service. Some play Veterans Day remembrance videos, arrange for patriotic music, or dedicate a portion of the prayers to members of the military. CTA even offers a FREE, downloadable Veterans Day commemorative service in the Resource & Idea Center.

CTA customer Nancy Beecher had her eyes on the patriotic key chain and gift box set for the veterans in her church. “We ordered these for our veterans and had a special service to honor them. It’s a great gift,” she said.

For churches with members deployed throughout the world, sending care packages is the ideal way to commemorate Veterans Day. Every soldier’s day is brightened by a package full of magazines, candy, handwritten notes, and a small token of appreciation.

Each year, Chuck Wilson of Carrollton Bible Chapel turns to CTA to find products to include in his ministry’s Veterans Day care packages. “Our veterans really enjoyed [the gifts]!” he said. “They are classy looking and I had the opportunity to send them to our soldiers, sailors, airman serving our country. It is a great blessing to our veterans and active servicemen and servicewomen.”

How will you honor disabled veterans or others who are unable to come to your church? Consider recruiting a few volunteers to visit homes, hospitals, and nursing homes. If possible, ask a few members of your choir to come along and sing a patriotic song. As you visit with these veterans, use CTA’s FREE patriotic prayer and hand out one of CTA’s patriotic prayer cards so these individuals can continue to be part of your ministry’s prayer life.

CTA is honored to be part of your Veterans Day services and celebrations. Join us in prayer: Lord, you are our help and our shield! We praise you for the service of those here and around the world who protect us in your name. Keep them always safe in your care. Teach us to respect all those in authority and to express our thankfulness to those who work to preserve the freedoms we enjoy. Unite all of us in love for you, reminding us that our one true and eternal citizenship is in heaven. We pray in the name of Jesus, who died to win that citizenship for us. Amen.


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