Each year CTA tithes from our profits and we are very proud to support Christ-centered mission work both locally and globally. A sampling of the organizations currently receiving support from CTA is below.

Support provided globally to:

African Vision of Hope - Providing education and housing to victims of the AIDS epidemic

Embrace a Village - Provides Christian Care, Housing, Education, and Training to children and adults living in the leper colonies in India

Micah Project - Provides housing, education, Christian care to teenage boys who are homeless and abandoned in Honduras

Compassion International - Providing care, housing, and education for children in South America.

Local Community support to:

Food Pantry: Feed My People

Baskets of Hope: - Provide toys and Christ-centered materials to families whose children have cancer.

Freedom School: - Tuition assistance for refugee families to provide their children with Christian education.

Mercy Ministries: - Assists teenagers and young women to escape abusive and drug-addicted environments.

CTA has also been privileged to work with our customers in the local areas where natural disasters have occurred, such as the recent floods, tornados and earthquakes.